Vanilla is a spice

extracted from the beans, which are the fruit of vanilla orchids.

What Do The labels mean?


nilläva pure Madagascar Vanilla Products

nilläva’s pure premium Madagascar vanilla bean products are labeled as 1X, 10X, and 40X for the extracts and alcohol-free extracts are 5%, 12%, 26%, or 40% (commercial accounts only).

These identifiers are for the strength references. 1X is the “standard” natural strength. Vanilla extracts are not all equal in their strength. The potency (strength) of each brand will be determined by the process used to extract the vanillin from the natural bean pods and the alcohol used for the extraction.

Equivalencies in 1 teaspoon of nilläva products:

Label IdentifierQuantity of Madagascar Vanilla Bean Pods
1X1/3 of a vanilla bean pod
10X3 vanilla bean pods
40X12 vanilla bean pods
5%13.5 vanilla bean pods
12%36 vanilla bean pods
26%78 vanilla bean pods
40%120 vanilla bean pods

Natural & organic

nilläva’s vanilla products are crafted from pure Madagascar vanilla beans.

Why Madagascar vanilla beans? Madagascar has ideal growing conditions for vanilla, which results in superior quality of vanilla beans. Madagascar vanilla beans are plump, moist, and oily – making them highly favored among chefs and food manufacturers. Madagascar vanilla stands out as one of the most superior varieties in the world.